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CRATER portable vaporisers. Reliable, robust, relaxing. For the best experience in aromatherapy. 

• True convection vaporiser, 100% air heating system.
• Fully isolated air path, pure vapour.
• Digitally controlled with swivel head mouthpiece.
• Can be charged directly from any USB port or power outlet.
• 4 flexible heat settings for the ultimate vape experience.
• 3 in 1 vaporiser, fit for dry herb, wax and oil.
• Big chamber, easy to fill and clean.
• 30 second heating up time.
• Elegant - Effective - Portable - Robust.

We are so confident of our product - the CRATER vape pen that we offer a 30 days no fuss "satisfaction" or "money back guarantee" for quality. CRATER - Providing perfect quality and a great customer experience.

The product can be registered for Lifetime Warranty - under CRATER CLUB. CRATER CLUB is a pay monthly service.

• True convection vaporiser, 100% air heating system.
• Fully isolated air path, pure vapour.
• Digitally controlled with swivel head mouthpiece.
• USB charging port
• 4 flexible heat settings - Compact internal lithium ion battery - 2200mAh
• 3 in 1 vaporiser, fit for dry herb, wax and oil.
• Big chamber, easy to fill and clean.
• 35 second heating up time.

1 x Crater 420 Portable Vaporizer with all the accessories
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Cleaning Brush + Packing tool
1 x Removable Oil & Wax Cup + Replacement Screen & Silicone Rings
1 x User Guide
1 x 1-year Warranty

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The product is only available in Europe - excluding Greece and Croatia.

Wow! I`ve had my 420 since they first came out 6 or more years ago ( I can`t remember) It now sports a silvery patina with the wear and tear of daily use in that time, but astonishingly the battery has bearly deteriorated at all. I visited the website to get some replacement rubber seals for the first time since purchasing so I thought a thank you review was in order. I had a couple of the earlier models before the 420 and when I experienced some issues with one of them, their customer service was impeccable and they replaced it with a new one immediately. In fact I think I might just get a back up just incase they stop making them, great work guy!!


Hi I would give more stars if possible 1. Taste is amazing 2. Easy to use 3.easy to clean can get messed 5, great customer service with insurance plan worry free vaping for a small fee, I vape dry herbs and have tried all vape and I keep xoxo g back to the crater 420 it beats other high end brands no names S+B ( you know who I mean ) Overall this is a very good vape well designed and does wat its ment to, Big up the crater time thank you for this product, All you need is capsules that go into the chamber like another brand, Heads up tried the other brand capsules they don`t fit


I’ve had 2 of the Crater 420 s over the last 4-5 years. Very impressed to start but the oven/chamber does get blocked over time. I have tried cleaning with isopropyl alcohol but, although the oven looked spotless from the outside, airflow through the device was still severely restricted. I contacted Crater asking for advice and was told they couldn’t help! Sadly, I will now look for a different make which doesn’t have this show stopping issue…

John Shepherd

I’ve had this unit for about 4 years now and it’s still working just the same as the day it came out of the box. Haven’t used the wax/oil bucket as I’ve only had flower through it, used at least once or twice a day, easy to use, clean, looks nice, provides a good taste and plume, I can’t recommend this enough, quality vape.

G Thumb

Hi. My awesome girlfriend bought this gift to me, and as eager i was to test it, i gotta say that i wasnt satisfied with it. Don`t get me wrong, it doesnt really smell or stink as it doesnt create a lot of smoke which is a plus as you can go out public and smok this and people wont notice is, as if you were with a Joi...t Other than that, i didn`t real any high from it, where i do when its an actual joi...t so thats why im giving this a 1 out of 5 stars. I love the concept behind it and the fact that its is an alternative to a normal vapor with e liquid, which i do have that does hit hard, but this one i still havent got high from it yet. Ive send a msg to the support regarding this, as im not satisfied with this product!


Extremely happy. Perfect A+++

Julie T

Very satisfied with my purchase. I had the CRATER 3000 which i got it 3 years ago it was good to begin with , but i just needed an improvement so i decided to get CRATER 420. This product gives you the impression of good materials from the first view. produces continuasly excellent amount of vapour without having to wait in between the drags. Exchellent aromas and flavour . Awesome value for money !!! Also excellent customer service


I am now fed up with the quality of these vape devices, they never last more than 2 months at a time, I have 2 of the crater deluxe which have been replaced twice, for some silky reason I bought the 420 thinking the bugs would have been resolved but no....a waste of money!!+


I purchased the Crater 420 just before xmas and have been using it for 2 months now. It`s my 2nd dry herb vaporiser after i tried one from Amazon (The Q7S) which wasn`t very good at all. Bit of background, have been smoking weed for around 20 years and quite regularly. Almost always in a skin with a roach and some baccy. As i`ve aged i have lowered my dosage as it lasts longer and i don`t enjoy being completely caned as much as i did when i was younger! So wanted to try a dry herb vaporiser as my teeth aren`t getting any whiter and my lungs any quieter. Looked at quite a few but the 420 had good reviews so i took the plunge just before xmas. I`m quite a sceptic so was hoping it would be better than i prepared myself for. I needn`t have worried. This little beauty. Is. the. Shit. A healthy joints worth lasts me all day easy. I tend to use the green (lowest) setting when i 1st load it up and can have 1 or two puffs to get a buzz. Now the buzz for me is not as intense as smoking a joint can be and not as instant. I doesn`t hit you as fast, more of a slow release but i`m talking minutes here (3-5). It does last a LOT longer though and as it isn`t as intense, you get a milder buzz for a longer period. You can then hit the same amount again as frequently as you want. Obviously the more you use it the dryer it becomes but i tend to go 3-5 on the green setting and stir occasionally. Then move to red (highest) when it`s getting dry to get the last bit out of it. I use mine every day and the battery charge level is great. Mine normally lasts 2 days with moderate use. Probably clean it once a week and by that i mean get a soft and stiff brush so you can clean all parts. Doesn`t take any longer than 5 minutes but i take all the head apart and give it a good clean. That said you can buy replacement parts (which i have) but i find cleaning it keeps it honest and works as good as new. Haven`t smoked a joint since i started using this baby and probably won`t ever go back. I don`t smoke tobacco at all now and my teeth look so much better without the nicotine stains and my lungs don`t rattle and wheeze anymore! So happy i found this and i have recommended it to all my friends who are coming round to the idea. £100 might seem a lot but trust me, you won`t be disappointed!

Montgomery Barrow

Been using the Crater Delux for a year. Loved the portability and size - didn`t like the fiddly charging pad. Misplaced it on an over-indulgent evening and decided to replace it immediately. Bought the Crater 420 - oh man, it`s a whole new dimension of vape completely. Can`t say anything negative about its superlative operation other than the mouthpiece comes free from the housing too easily. Would advise customers to purchase spare parts when making the initial purchase.


Wow! I have a crater deluxe which I`ve used for about a year and got on very well with. The 420 is next level and I am blown away with how good it is :)


after using this 420 daily for the last 7 months I can highly recommend it`s rock solid construction and performance,Its as good as the real high end products out there and at a fraction of the cost, all of the other vapers i have purchased in the past have had flaws but this thing has none it just works full stop :-)


Really AWSOME once ya find the correct amoumt for a session


Great little personal device. Holds a decent amount of herb and temp adjustment is simple and effective. No regrets in buying this but no spare parts as yet.




Absolutely phenomenal vaporiser! I have had this for just over a month now and it has not failed me once! Vapes oils and dry herb to perfection without needing to self regulate the temperature! It is without a doubt the best vaporiser i have used!


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Crater 420
Crater 420
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